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Marriage Nightmare : I Love My Husband But I Hate Living With Him.

Marriage Nightmare : I Love My Husband But I Hate Living With Him.

I wish I spent more time thinking about it before I said yes to marriage

Before you decide to move in with your partner, I sincerely hope you will consider living with them before deciding to spend huge money on a house. I didn’t take this advice from my friends, and now I’m miserable, living everyone’s biggest marriage nightmare.

My partner is a great guy. He’s attentive, sweet and fun to be around. I mean, I chose to marry him for a reason, right? Unsurprisingly, I agreed to his marriage proposal because I was already convinced that this was the man I was meant to spend the rest of my life with.  Now, I wish I spent more time thinking about it before I said yes because I’m currently on the verge of losing my mind and breaking down for good. 

My dream marriage turned into nightmare the moment we became housemates

We’ve been married for one and a half years, and things were initially fine. I think it’s a pretty common story, and everyone would understand when I say “Things took a turn for the worst” because married life is often less glamorous than expected. However, I don’t think anyone is prepared for how bad it actually got between my partner and me. I’ll just share SOME of the many disgusting habits he has that are driving me insane. 

He never throws away toiletries that run out! He leaves it there and hopes that I will throw it away for him.

Let’s start out small, okay? One of the annoying things he does is not refill the toilet paper roll whenever it runs out. Even when using my hands and feet, I don’t have enough to count how often he’s done that. Some people say that it’s not really a big deal because that’s what the bidet is for. Well, sure. However, he doesn’t stop there.

It isn’t just the toilet paper roll that he doesn’t refill. He doesn’t refill anything. Anything in the toilet that doesn’t have an infinite supply, he doesn’t refill whenever he uses them up. These items can range from facial tissues, shampoo, toothpaste and body wash. The worst part of all this? He doesn’t even throw away the empty containers! He leaves it there and hopes that someone (me, obviously) will throw it away for him. We have a bin in the toilets, but he still cannot be bothered to be a decent human being. 

He doesn’t vacuum the floor before mopping it, even though I’ve told him many times that that’s the way it should be done.

For context, my hair falls quite frequently, and we have a long-haired dog that sheds very often. Even using common sense will tell you that the mop won’t absorb these hairs. Yet, he just happily spreads and clumps the hair around different parts of the house. Initially, I thought maybe he just didn’t know, so I educated him on the right way. Guess who’s still doing it his old way? No points for guessing right. 

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The Worst Thing of All: He peels his feet dead skin and leaves them on the sofa and bed, waiting for me to clean up after his mess.

I feel like there is a need to warn you guys not to read this part if you’re easily nauseous or you’re eating right now. Please just skip this and come back when you’re ready because it’s one of the worst and off-putting things anyone in a household can do. 

He loves plucking his dead feet skin on our sofa and bed. I can feel some of you cringing already, but he doesn’t just stop there. He leaves the dead skin all around the sofa and bed, waiting for me to pick them up for him! This is honestly so gross and disgusting. I can’t look past these incidents at all. I keep nagging at him and warning him that if he does it one more time, I will break down and blow up at him. Yet, my words really fell on deaf ears. I’m unsure if he took those gross dead skin to stuff them up his ears, and that’s why he cannot hear me. 

Whenever I confide in my friends or family about this issue, they always say I overreact. I feel like his servant.

Just for your information, these are only some of the very irritating things he does daily. There’s so much more that I don’t want to share because I’m so tired from having to clean up after him. 

I always bring these issues up to him, but he really doesn’t care. Even when I make it clear that I am on the verge of a mental breakdown, he doesn’t care. He’s so different compared to when we were dating and weren’t living together. 

I am dumbfounded by how nonchalant people are towards my suffering and his ignorance. When I talked to his family about it, they felt nothing was wrong because his mother always cleaned up after him. He’s a king at home, and a king will never be wrong, right? I’m the only wrong one because I’m just like a peasant servant to him. 

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I’m honestly at my wit’s end. I cannot do this for much longer, and I’m in need of some advice. I’m done venting because I always get invalidated. I just want a solution. 

Does your partner’s living habits drive you crazy? Do you think your relationship will end because of this?

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