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I Am A Hoodoo Practitioner Who’s Hexed Hundreds Of People. Here Are The 4 Symptoms Of A Curse.

I Am A Hoodoo Practitioner Who’s Hexed Hundreds Of People. Here Are The 4 Symptoms Of A Curse.

The biggest secret: a curse is intentionally designed to be hidden

Last week, I shared my story on how I got into practicing hoodoo and what goes into making an effective curse. Here’s a summary of how exactly a curse destroys someone before I detail the four symptomologies of a curse:

There are two kinds of curses:

  1. Low-level evil eye or cursing through words
  2. Cursing through magick

A curse is designed to be hidden; you’re not supposed to know about it. That’s why, contrary to what we see in movies, it’s extremely hard to spot until it’s discovered via hidden artefacts. When I have successfully placed a curse on someone, they won’t suspect a thing. I mean let’s be honest, no one is going to break a leg and immediately attribute to it a hex.

My altar for Santa Muerte—The Mexican Deity of Death

A curse is like drugging a person without them being aware of their ‘addiction’—it gradually does its harm and eats away at you until someone else notices its effects and points it out to you. It becomes so detachable from the daily events of your life that most people gaslight themselves into thinking it’s internal. A strong curse that is not cured usually ends with extreme mental instability, depression, accidents, or even death.

Everyone has a bubble of protection made up of:

  • Religious Beliefs
  • Prayers
  • Optimism
  • Self-esteem
  • Mental Health

The thicker this bubble, the weaker the effects of the curse. What I’m paid to do is to destroy this bubble, and turn off the lights in the person for the curse to penetrate like a sharp knife. Some targets need a variation of curses to get the desired results. If you think you are a target of a curse or have been a target, here are the big symptoms you need to look out for to mitigate its effects ASAP.

The Four Big Symptoms

Arabic magic used to summon jinns. Credit: Tumblr

A random series of unfortunate events

Have you ever had a random day where you just experienced bad luck at every turn of the corner? Lost your wallet, missed the train and the bus, missed an email and got humiliated by your boss, almost got into an accident, lost all your crypto investments?

Most of us have these bad days once in a while. But if you’ve been cursed, this bad day happens every single day.

Just think of the worst day you’ve had in your life where everything just went wrong for no apparent reason, and repeat it. The worst part is, nothing gets better, only progressively worse.

Sudden onset of depression

When a curse starts to take root, a very obvious sign is a sudden onset of lethargy and feeling s**tty for absolutely no reason. It almost feels like a really bad hangover; one that doesn’t go away. Your mood gets unstable and you have increased moments of angry outbursts for no reason at all.

Feeling empty, lost, and upset are also cohabiting symptoms. It is also normal for vivid nightmares to happen at the same time. If you wake up every day feeling very lethargic and spiritually drained (especially if you have no history of significant mental disorders), you’ve been spiritually compromised. This usually takes place midway through the curse. I have been cursed before myself and it literally feels like something is sucking my soul away. It is horrible. Many people ‘break’ at this point, descending into hysterical spirals of self-isolation. This only helps the curse take root more and consume them fully. In extreme cases, it’s not unusual for it to end in death.

Seeing and hearing ‘things’

Here’s where your bubble has been broken enough and darker energies start to latch onto you. Even if you’re someone who has never been able to see or hear the supernatural, at this point you’ll be able to. A strong curse involves the binding of spirits or deities to your soul so the lines between the earthly realm and the ‘other world’ gets blurry. You know those marble sounds you hear at night? Isn’t it odd how they only happened at certain timings?

These auditory ‘hallucinations’ are often coupled with constantly seeing shadows at the corner of your eyes. You might start coughing up strands of hair in the morning, getting goosebumps and chills even if it is evidently hot, and hear ‘voices in your head’.

One of my clients, who had been cursed through a demonic entity, kept hearing the sound of waves and horns at night. Whenever he walked out, he could hear knocking sounds following him. Like footsteps from behind the walls of his room. He also felt like there was something watching him while breathing down his neck.

Upon arriving at his place to cleanse his ‘room’, I was shocked to see that there were extremely dense entities clinging to the corners of his walls. This was a case of an extremely powerful hex where the practitioner managed to directly send malevolent entities through a portal.

This is why curses are so strong: they deteriorate you mentally and spiritually at the same time, and your weakness just makes it stronger.

Congestion and coughing out blood

curse movie
Credit: Metrograph

If you’re experiencing this, then you’re almost compromised and you need to seek help immediately. Coughing out blood or feeling like you have an object stuck in your throat, is a sign of possession. These are extreme curses I turn down even if my client pays me well. There are just some things I’d rather not meddle with. Possession starts with more subtle spiritual vampires that feed off your energy. Then your health deteriorates rather quickly with no medical explanation. Oftentimes, they present themselves as an illness so the victim won’t suspect they’ve been cursed. If I evoke such a hex, I want to make sure the victims do not catch wind of it and cleanse it early. I want the hex to fully latch on and take over their life. By the time they manage to actually seek help, it’ll be too late and a lot harder to reverse.

How to tell if a curse has been placed on you

Want a final confirmation? Look out for my guide next week on the three tests you can do at home to determine if you have definitely been cursed.

We’re compiling even more spooky stories, so write us your terrifying tales and we’ll feature them on our site!

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That's not Hoodoo
That's not Hoodoo
11 months ago

That’s not Hoodoo. There’s no “magick” in Hoodoo. Not sure who this author is, but these practices aren’t stuff you can mish-mash together. Hoodoo is a closed practice. If you’re not African American, you’re not Hoodoo. That’s a closed practice for those BORN African Americans. Hoodoo is primarily African American ancestor work. Any distortion of it is cultural appropriation.

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