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I Look For Sugar Daddies On Dating Apps, Use Them To Buy Me Gifts And Presents, Then I Ghost Them.

I Look For Sugar Daddies On Dating Apps, Use Them To Buy Me Gifts And Presents, Then I Ghost Them.

sugar baby, sugar daddy

I Started Using Dating Apps

I was introduced to the magic of dating apps once I turned 18 years old. When I say magic, I don’t refer to having the opportunity to meet others. To me, it was more of an opportunity to diversify my network. I don’t like dating, never have and I don’t think I ever will. However, I do enjoy meeting new people, creating platonic or transactional relationships, and all in all just having a good time with no strings attached.

sugar baby, sugar daddy
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It’s all fun and games, but it is difficult to find people who view the online “dating” world similarly. The people in my DMs are either desperate for this sweet piece of ass, or looking for something long-term. I’m not interested in slutting it up or settling down, so for the first 4 months, I could not find a good match.

I Swiped A Guy in His 50s

About 6 months in, I was about to give up on meeting people online. One night, I was making my last swipes, prepared to delete Tinder off my phone. I came across an interesting profile. It was a man in his 50s, but he did not come across as an old man. He looked youthful. He was fit and handsome. More importantly, he looked well-connected. I swiped right on him and we instantly clicked.

We talked about anything and everything under the sun, but mostly just about how my day went and what my long-term goals were. He was an attentive man, and wanted nothing more than my company. About a week into talking, I casually mentioned that I was starving but had no time to buy food since I was rushing assignments. 30 minutes after I said that, I get a knock on my door. He had sent food to me. It wasn’t McDonald’s or anything like that, it was one of the more expensive establishments available around my area. I was surprised, but not at how nice he was. Instead, I was surprised at how easy it was to get him to spend money on me.

From that day on, I would find ways to work my “plight” into our conversations. Without fail, he would either send me a large sum of money (think thousands at one go) or what I was asking for. We hadn’t even met up physically, yet, he was spending all of this money on me. This whole time I’m thinking to myself, “Wow, I literally struck gold. Men my age wouldn’t even hold the car door open for me.”. I’m really thankful for this man because he is my first official sugar daddy. He was taking care of me really well to the point where I had no longer needed to work part-time to support myself through school.

I Kept A Collection of Sugar Daddies

I knew I couldn’t just stop at one. While I was receiving all this unconditional monetary love from Sugar Daddy A, I was looking out for Sugar Daddy B, C and D. I changed my preferred age limit from 20 years old to upwards of 45 years. There were definitely more gross, horny old men than sweet, rich old men but I did manage to find a few. I used the same strategies that I did previously and they all worked like a charm. It really was easy money, with no commitments. These men were also super sweet and well-connected. They often offered me a network of professionals so that I could advance quickly in my career.

sugar baby, sugar daddy
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A few of them wanted to meet me offline, but I always found excuses not to do so. There was once where I straight up said, “Oh, I don’t have enough money to Grab there. Just paid my school fees.”. The man sent me $500, and asked if it was enough. He didn’t even prompt me to meet after! 

Recently, Sugar Daddy A has been pressuring me to meet him face-to-face. At this point, I think he has spent close to 5-digits on me, but I still don’t want to meet him physically. I blocked him since he was being a little pushy. I felt a little bad initially, but what did he expect? That a 20 year old would fall in love with him instead of his money? Come on. After blocking him, I have to work harder to find another one to supplement my lifestyle but I’m excited to see who I’ll meet! 

Anyway, to my girl bosses out there, if you’re struggling financially or just want to earn some extra money, this is a great gig. It takes an insignificant amount of time of your day but the money they give you will sustain you through the week. Drop your high-stress, low-paying corporate job and get that bag!

Have you ever been a sugar baby? How did it go for you?

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