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We Created A Quiz For You To Find Out Whether There Are Red Flags in Your Relationship.

We Created A Quiz For You To Find Out Whether There Are Red Flags in Your Relationship.

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Relationship Red Flags Quiz By Savour365

Are you in a relationship, and do you sometimes struggle to figure if this relationship is the one for you? Are you on track to a fairy tale happy ending, or are have you pulled yourself into a toxic relationship with countless red flags?

Whether you’ve found your lobster (as Ross would say), or should start packing your bags to run for the hills, it’s time to find out.

This quiz is important for you to see if you’ve found the ‘one’ – very few make it. We surely hope you have, but think critically for yourself as self-love is the most important.

Here it goes!

S365 Relationships Red Flag Quiz

Is your partner in the relationship a red flag... or are you? Take this quiz to find out!

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1. My partner often talks about others in a very derogatory manner.

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2. My partner has anger management issues that make you feel threatened or unsafe, especially during conflict.

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3. I often feel like I'm not enough for my partner.

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4. Does your partner constantly push your physical boundaries (e.g., hugging or kissing, perhaps even more if you're not adventurous)?

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5. I often have to hide my achievements from my partner because I'm afraid they won't take it well.

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6. My partner struggles with alcohol or substance abuse.

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7. My partner often brings up my past relationships.

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8. My partner always blames their failures on others and they never admit their faults.

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9. My partner often uses phrases like "I'm glad you're not like..."

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10. I have thought about ending the relationship more than once or twice but I'm afraid of confrontation.

11 / 32

11. My partner tells me who I should or should not hang out with.

12 / 32

12. I don't feel safe around my partner.

13 / 32

13. Does your partner talk poorly about their family, friends and/or exes?

14 / 32

14. Are they very invested early on - constantly calling you, texting you, showering you with affection and declarations of love, etc?

15 / 32

15. Does your partner often scapegoat you (i.e., turn the blame on you for something they did or hold you responsible for the way they reacted?)

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16. My partner often uses the phrase "You're too good for me" or such.

17 / 32

17. I've never met my partner's friends/family and my partner avoids talking about them.

18 / 32

18. I feel uncomfortable sharing my feelings with my partner because I know they won't understand.

19 / 32

19. My partner is still in contact with most of their exes.

20 / 32

20. Does your partner ever make emotional threats (e.g., threats of leaving, etc)

21 / 32

21. I feel like I cannot trust my partner because of their persistent behavior.

22 / 32

22. Does your partner often criticise you or put you down, even in a teasing way?

23 / 32

23. My partner displays narcissistic behavior (i.e., an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for attention and admiration, and a lack of empathy).

24 / 32

24. Spending time with my partner makes me feel anxious.

25 / 32

25. I'm afraid to share my concerns with my partner because I fear how they'll act.

26 / 32

26. Does your partner display patterns of overactive jealousy, accusations or paranoia?

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27. Is your partner's acceptance of you or attraction conditional (e.g., "I love you so much more when you..." or, "if you lose a bit more weight, you'll be more...")?

28 / 32

28. Is your partner usually unable or unwilling to hear your point of view?

29 / 32

29. My partner displays overly controlling behavior (e.g., trying to control your decisions, activities, beliefs, etc).

30 / 32

30. My partner has previously joked about a known insecurity of mine.

31 / 32

31. I feel relieved if my partner goes out of town or cancels our plans to meet up.

32 / 32

32. My partner lies about small things that often don't even matter.


How was it — and most importantly, how was your relationship? Have you found your soulmate or… do you now have things to think about? We’ll also be holding a workshop on Living without Fear on the 11th of March, Saturday at DAO by Dorsett. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to love the most important person of all – yourself.

Interested? Email us at or simply slide into our DMs now!

Share your story with us and we might just invite you to our exclusive love workshop next week!

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