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How To Check If You’ve Been Cursed: A Hoodoo Practitioner’s Guide

How To Check If You’ve Been Cursed: A Hoodoo Practitioner’s Guide

How to tell if you are definitely cursed

Last week, I shared my summary of how a curse works and what are the symptomologies of a severe curse. Many of you guys wanted to know if there were any more concrete signs to look out for. Here are a few tests you can do to determine if you have definitely been cursed. Take the earlier signs as symptoms, and these as a final confirmation that something needs to be done.

These tests have no grey area. They’re pretty much infallible because of how blatant the outcomes are. Most people will not have the need to go this far. But if you’re presenting the symptoms and want to do a confirmation on whether to seek urgent help, these are helpful.

Glass And Bible Test

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  1. Before going to sleep, fill up a glass with still tap water.
  2. Get a Bible, flip it to Psalms 51, and place the glass directly on top of the paragraph.
  3. Light a white candle and place it in front of the Bible; it will cleanse the space and draw in the negative energies into the glass.
  4. Place this set-up beside your bed, and sleep.

If you wake up the next day and find that your glass has a lot of bubbles, you’ve been cursed or there’s something very malevolent in your room. It’ll look like a fizzy drink with tiny bubbles floating up.

PSA: don’t drink the water!!! Pour it down the drain and take a shower ASAP. Next, go find an experienced medium to help you out.

Raw Egg Test

Credit: Netflix

This is a pretty well-known test but many people execute it wrongly.

Here’s how you’re supposed to do it:

  1. Take a raw egg and sweep it downwards all over your body, as if you’re wiping yourself dry.
  2. Crack the egg into a glass of water.

If the egg is black, it’s a definite curse. This is a test that is literally non-debatable. If there are any webbing or bubbles, they are bad signs but it means the curse isn’t that evil. If the egg sinks with no webbing forming, you’re pretty much safe.

Lime Test

If you’re not opposed to idol worship, this is another effective and powerful test. If this test checks out, whatever that’s been placed on you is extremely dangerous.

Get a green lime and cut it in half. Go to a Hindu temple, and rub each half with red powder anointed from the inner sanctum of any of the female goddesses (Amman). These are extremely powerful goddesses that even Thai magicians often invoke to control the darker energies they harness. Even if the test fails, having this artefact at home will deter malevolent spirits.

In most cases, the lime will just dry up normally. If the lime turns black and mouldy within two days you need to get experienced help ASAP. This would point to a case of possession of something extremely potent. By the way, these cases are sometimes beyond me. I would suggest going to someone that knows Thai or Tantric magick very, very well.

Will walking into a temple stop me from being cursed?

A major misconception people have is that going to a temple or church helps. A curse may not always be conjured using a malevolent spirit. Some darker forms of Thai and Tantric magick use very powerful dark forms of deities. Many of these are prayed over through chants by the best of the best: these are sometimes packaged as occult amulets.

Simply walking into a ‘temple’ will not cleanse you. You would have to go to a reliable priest or medium that knows how to strategically unbind the curse. These may even take steps such as fasting, penance, and weeks of prayer for the effects to be seen.

I personally use a mix of practices with my fundamental being hoodoo. Before I choose to perform such a severe curse on a target, I check with the deities if it is justified and if they ‘deserve’ it. I only go ahead when they say yes. So do note that these are performed with the approval of deities—so what makes you think walking into a house of god will undo it?

If you’re curious about the remedies I have performed to cure people, stay tuned for our weekly Horror Fridays. Share your spooky stories below and have them featured on our site!

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I believe I am cursed and I have no one to help me.

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