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I Had To Survive A Pontianak Attack While Staying In A Haunted Chalet.

I Had To Survive A Pontianak Attack While Staying In A Haunted Chalet.

Haunted by a pontianak

Last week, I ranked some of my scariest hauntings. Despite solid competition, my pontianak haunting reigned supreme and today, I finally have the time to tell the whole story. To recap, I held my birthday chalet for three days at a certain chalet in the East. As luck would have it, our bungalow was directly opposite Old Changi Hospital aka the most haunted place in Singapore. What followed was three straight nights of me and my loved ones getting disturbed by one of the scariest ghosts ever.

Night 1

Credit: @subversivesnowleopard

As you already know, the first night of my chalet kicked off with my youngest sister coming face-to-face with a pontianak after she alighted at the bus stop nearest to Old Changi Hospital. The pontianak was perched on the roof of said bus stop and stared straight into my sister’s eyes before flying off and brushing past her.

My sister was understandably spooked out by the event, and immediately left my chalet after the party was over. Little did we know that, for the rest of us who stayed behind, our turn to get haunted would come later that night.

pontianak banana tree
Credit: @anggri82

One of the windows in my bungalow faced a banana tree. If you’re familiar with Malay folklore, you’ll know that banana trees are where pontianaks reside.

The window was located at the end of a corridor, and anyone leaving any of the bedrooms in the bungalow will have a direct view of that window.

After my party ended, my parents and I slept in the bungalow, in our own rooms. At about 2am, I was suddenly awakened by sound of my dad reciting holy verses very, very loudly. I immediately opened my bedroom door, and greeted by the sight of my mum cowering behind my dad as he shouted at the window.

“What happened?” I asked.

“We saw a pontianak outside the window.”

As soon as my mum said that, loud banging sounds started coming from the kitchen.

I remembered thinking to myself, “Yeap. We’re getting haunted.”

I started reciting all the holy verses I knew as the banging sounds spread to other areas of the bungalow. After what seemed like an eternity, the banging noises finally stopped. However, my parents were too shaken up to sleep, and waited for the first bus so that they could GTFO.

Me? I just slept after the noises stopped. As someone who saw his friend getting possessed by a pochong, banging noises were nothing. Plus, I had already paid for three nights in full. I wasn’t gonna be spooked so easily.

And then, the next night happened.

Night 2

Credit: CSC Changi

My then-colleagues came over at night to have a BBQ session. We split ourselves into two teams; one stayed in the kitchen to prepare mains while the other headed to the BBQ pit outside to marinate the proteins.

I was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches to my macaroni when suddenly, my colleagues outside started screaming. A few stray dogs had surrounded the BBQ pit, and were aggressively barking at the roof of the pit.

My colleagues outside were huddled up and too scared to move. As such, another colleague and I went outside to shoo the dogs away. Out of curiosity, we looked up to see what the dogs were barking at.

We regretted it immediately.

There, perched on the roof, was a pontianak in the flesh—most likely the same one that disturbed my parents and sister.

Even though I had probably seen hundreds of pontianaks in movies by that point, nothing could prepare me for the real thing. Her eyes were blood-red and animalistic. Her hair, unkempt and shrub-like. She stared menacingly at us for about five seconds before flying off.

For the first time in my life, I was scared sh*tless. But I couldn’t ruin my own party by telling my guests that the very bungalow we were in had been visited by a pontianak two days in a row.

As such, I signalled to my colleague to keep this secret to ourselves.

Night 3

Credit: @yuhanmiaomiao

Somehow, I made it to the last night of my chalet. But this time, I was finally prepared. Before my friends came over, I recited holy verses in every room of the bungalow and made sure that all of the night’s activities were centred in the bungalow’s living room.

No way in hell was I gonna get disturbed tonight. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

My friends and I were playing Mario Kart when we heard loud knocks coming from the door. One of my friends was about to open it when I stopped her. Firstly, all of my guests were already in the bungalow. And secondly, it was 1:30am. As the knocks continued and more people wanted to open the door, I realised I had to tell my friends the truth.

So I did.

And just as I feared, 90% of them started freaking out. The remaining 10% wanted to open the door but I wasn’t gonna risk it. As the knocks got louder, I decided I had enough. I wanted to enjoy my last night in this stupid chalet and I wasn’t gonna let a pontianak stop me.

So I walked up to the door, took out my phone, and played a prayer on max volume. Within three seconds, the knocking stopped.


I should have just done that from the start. For the rest of the night, I put that prayer on repeat—albeit at a lower volume—and thankfully, nothing else disturbed us.

What I’ve learnt from being haunted by a pontianak

I already knew ghosts were real but seeing one in the flesh removed any lingering doubts I had about their existence. I’ve also learnt to avoid Old Changi Hospital at all costs cause that place is just bad news. Unsurprisingly, that whole experience made me more religious. So in a weird way, I’m also thankful for it. But no chalets for a while.

Do you have a scarier story than this? Share it with us below!

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