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I Was Recently Released From Prison After My OnlyFans Scandal. Here’s What It’s Really Like.

I Was Recently Released From Prison After My OnlyFans Scandal. Here’s What It’s Really Like.

Life in prison by Titus Low

This story has been adapted from The Backstage Bunch’s video | Hello, my name is Titus Low! Most of you will probably know me as an OnlyFans creator. Recently, I served a three-week jail sentence for violating a police order and was fined $3,000 for posting obscene content on the platform. Now that I’m out, I can finally reveal my experience in prison.

Fortunately, I did not have to shave my head as I was sentenced to less than 30 days in prison. I spent seven days in isolation, and the rest of my sentence in an eight-man cell. The isolation was to actually prevent me from spreading COVID, in case I had it. They also did blood tests on me to determine if I had HIV, in case I infected other prisoners in the cell.

Solitary confinement was difficult because the room was about the size of a common toilet with a little bit of sunlight. Because there was nothing I could do, I just slept, meditated, and exercised. I worked out twice a day to burn off some energy so I could sleep more. They did give me a few books to read, but only after the third day.

Eventually, I was moved to the eight-man cell. Myself included, there were actually only seven of us in that particular cell. However, sleeping was difficult as the room was just double the size of the isolating cell. As a result, the space was quite limited. There were also some people who snored, making it difficult for me to sleep at night. There were no bunk beds. Instead, we were given two blankets and a thin straw mat. People could sleep with the blankets piled up or by using the books as pillows.

Our toilet and shower areas were technically the same thing. There was a shower head on top, so you could squat and shower at the same time. The shower faucet was also our primary source of water, and we only drank from it. We were only provided with a bar of soap to wash everything. I was also given only one towel, which I used for my entire body and face for seven days straight. As a result of this, my skin became quite bad and I had a few breakouts.

Credit: @eatingout_akira

In terms of food, we were served two slices of plain bread with some smears and a cup of coffee or tea for breakfast. It was a little plain, but I was fine with it. The worst lunch I had there was plain rice with cabbage and a boiled egg. Dinner will sometimes consist of rice with curry and chicken but the best dinner I had there was sardine and rice.

prison inmates
Credit: @singaporeprisonservice

There are four different types of prison areas: short-term, long-term, drug treatment, and remand cases. Prisoners in the short-term area were generally relaxed as most of us were eager to be released. We would try to avoid fights as there would be additional charges for us. Whenever I was bored, I would speak to my fellow inmates and ended up making a few friends there!

In prison, I was given a tablet that I could use for about 90 minutes per day. It didn’t have any internet access and was mainly used for me to get e-letters and backdated news. My partner, Cheryl, and I communicated via those e-letters. Thing is, I could only send my letters four times per month, whereas she could send them once a day. Because the text I received was the only message from the outside world, I would read it several times. I’d find myself scrolling and refreshing in anticipation of receiving a letter. It can be quite depressing if I did not receive a letter.

Lessons I learnt from prison

Now that I’m out, I’m honestly relieved that everything is over. Prison life is an experience that I don’t want to repeat. I suppose I learnt a few important lessons such as cherishing what I have outside, remaining calm in bad situations, and being grateful for what I have. I admit that I was wrong to violate my order, so I served my time. I’ve learnt from my experience and will not commit the same crime again because I really do not want to return to that place.

Do you know anyone who had a different prison life? Tell us that story below!

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