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I Am A Hoodoo Practitioner, I Get Paid To Hex Ex-Lovers & Colleagues. Here’s How A Curse Works.

I Am A Hoodoo Practitioner, I Get Paid To Hex Ex-Lovers & Colleagues. Here’s How A Curse Works.

The spiritual practices in hoodoo

I am born Christian. However, I’m gifted with the ability to communicate with spirits—an ability I sometimes wish I didn’t have. When you’re working within the dark realms of the spiritual world, you’re not bound by religion; you have to adapt and navigate your way through many practices to gain mastery over your craft. The strongest spells are often a mix of Tantra, Arabic, Hoodoo, Thai, Chinese, and Hebrew magick.

I do not advocate blindly getting into the ‘forbidden’ stuff because it accumulates karmic debt. However, dark spells, curses, and reconciliation hexes are the most lucrative given how desperate people are for immediate results, retribution, and revenge.

Currently, I go on a case-by-case basis. For clients that want me to inflict a curse, I charge up to $2,000 with a high success rate. For these cases, if the first version ‘fails’ to yield any significant outcomes, I will keep working till I find the ideal formula. Before performing any curse, I will request these:

  • Full name of the subject
  • Birth date
  • Recent photo
  • Personal concerns
    • Hair
    • Body fluids
    • Nails
    • Socks
    • Underwear

Many clients have sent me semen-filled condoms and tissues soaked with menstrual blood, so be careful of where you dispose of your bodily materials! And if someone randomly asks you for these items, think twice before you send them over. Thereafter, I will choose the appropriate ritual to perform and the date for the ritual. All these depend on the intensity of the curse too. Extremely potent ones need a lot more preparation and steps because, if performed unjustly, they can result in karmic retribution for both my client and me.

Most of the time, I perform these rituals at a cemetery or a secluded corner of Singapore‘s forest before sunset. If you’re a paranormal junkie, you probably have an idea where these are.

PSA: anything after 7PM is dangerous because the energy gets way more malevolent, and even a very trained practitioner like myself needs to take extreme caution. So if you’re into spooky s**t and a particular spot is known for a very dark past, leave before sunset. Trust me, I can see and hear these things, and the stuff that comes out after dark should not to be meddled with.

After practising hoodoo for 15 years on hundreds of ‘targets’, here’s a little insight into what a curse truly is.

Powerful curses require work, money, and time

Hoodoo, referred to as ‘root work’, uses herbs, plants, and fire to conjure magick. It is African folk magick that’s similar to Thai, ancient Taoist, and tantric magick. Hoodoo is very shamanic in nature with a deep cultural history. When African slaves were shipped to the USA, they were barred from practising the same powerful magick with their native deities or idols. So they infused it with Americanised Catholic saints and readily available herbs to form a new form of magick.

I charge high rates because most of these herbs are extremely scarce in Singapore and I have to ship them from overseas. Each practitioner has a guiding saint and mine is an outcasted saint from Mexico: Santa Muerte. I also work with other saints, angels, and demons.

Contrary to popular beliefs, angels are often invoked when conjuring a curse. Azrael, the angel of death, is an extremely powerful angel I have personally worked with for some of my more severe hexes. Curses are not to be messed wrong with as they can completely destroy your life.

The biggest secret: curses are intentionally designed to be hidden

hoodoo deities

There are two kinds of curses:

  1. Low-level evil eye or cursing through words
  2. Cursing through magick

The whole point of a curse is that it’s hidden; you’re not supposed to know about it.

That’s why, contrary to what we see in popular culture, they’re extremely hard to spot. When someone has successfully placed a curse on you, you won’t suspect a thing at that point in time. It gradually does its harm and eats away at you until someone else points it out to you. In a way, you’re gaslighted into blaming yourself for all the tribulations manifested by the curse. This usually ends with extreme mental instability, depression, actual physical deterioration, or even death.

If a person is happy, optimistic, or inherently ‘strong’, it takes a lot more for a curse to hit. Everyone has a bubble of protection made up of:

  • Religious Beliefs
  • Prayers
  • Optimism
  • Self-esteem
  • Mental Health

The thicker this bubble, the weaker the effects of the curse. What I’m paid to do is to destroy this bubble, and turn off the lights in the person for the curse to penetrate like a sharp knife. This is  why my charges are high, some targets need a variation of curses to get the desired results.

Hoodoo curses and symptoms

Want to know if you are the target of a curse? Look out for my guide on the four major symptoms of being cursed next week!

I am a hoodoo practitioner of 15 years and this is my story. Now tell me yours!

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gate io
1 year ago

I read your article carefully, it helped me a lot, I hope to see more related articles in the future. thanks for sharing.

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1 year ago

Cool that really helps, thank you.

That's not Hoodoo
That's not Hoodoo
1 year ago

Not sure who this author is, but that’s not Hoodoo. Hoodoo is only for those BORN African Americans. That’s cuz Hoodoo is primarily ancestor work for African Americans whose ancestors came to the United States during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. If you’re not African American, then you’re not Hoodoo. Anyone who says they’re a “Hoodoo practitioner” and isn’t African American is LYING.

And to insinuate that “the strongest spells are often a mix of Tantra, Arabic, Hoodoo, Thai, Chinese, and Hebrew magick” is cultural appropriation. This is not a potluck where you can cherry pick what parts of what magical “spells” work best for you. There’s real HISTORY and CULTURE behind each of these practices. It’s disrespectful to each and every single practice for you to come over here and cherry pick what spells you like and don’t like.

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