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My Ex And I Fooled Around During Our School Night Walk, And Angered A Spirit.

My Ex And I Fooled Around During Our School Night Walk, And Angered A Spirit.

How my school night walk turned into a horror movie

I came across the pochong haunting story on TikTok, and immediately got triggered. I, too, was disturbed by a spirit once. The only difference was that instead of saying inappropriate things, I was doing inappropriate things. This is a story of how my ex, Nikki, and I lived out every student’s worst nightmare when our school night walk turned into a haunting.

Our school building isn’t ‘clean’

school night walk haunting

Nikki and I were students at a certain junior college in the East. The school is said to have been built on the site where Japanese soldiers executed prisoners during World War II. Many students have reported hearing Japanese war cries in classrooms and seeing tables shifting around with zero explanation.

Prior to my night walk, I didn’t believe in ghosts and thought those tales were just a result of an overactive imagination. Nikki, on the other hand, is deathly afraid of ghosts. She can’t even sit through a horror movie trailer without shutting her eyes and ears. In hindsight, this was probably a major reason why the spirit was ‘attracted’ to us.

The night of our school night walk

The drama club, which Nikki and I were part of, decided to hold its year-end camp in school. As with 99% of school camps, we had to do a solo night walk during one of the nights. Our route comprised multiple spots in our JC that were “infamously haunted”. Of course, I wasn’t afraid at all and saw the night walk as a way to get some cardio done. However, Nikki—the scaredy-cat she was—kept begging the planning committee to let her pair up with me. She even had tears rolling down her eyes. Eventually, the planning committee just gave up and acceded to her request.

Not gonna lie, I was slightly annoyed cause I wanted some me time. But I thought, “At least, my girlfriend will stop crying.”


Nikki had a vice-like grip around my arms and couldn’t stop screaming at every little movement. To make matters worse, we were moving at a snail’s pace. I even had to text the committee to let others overtake us.

After what seemed like an eternity, we reached the final pit stop which, thankfully, had a water cooler. I was famished, having to deal with Nikki. As I drank my well-deserved water, my eyes were set on Nikki, inches away to my right.

Maybe it was because I finally stopped being angry at her or maybe it was just the cool, romantic night air but damn, my girlfriend looked hot.

The contrast between her demure, sobbing face and her titillating FBTs was seriously doing it for me. Unholy thoughts started flooding my head.

From night walk to nightmare

Under the guise of wanting to comfort her, I hugged Nikki and asked” Are you okay, baby?”

She nodded and sank deeper into my chest. As she hugged me, I started fondling certain areas, and our teenage hormones took over. I brought her to a secluded spot behind our school stadium, and things got really hot and heavy.

This was the start of our f*ck-up.

The school stadium is one of the “infamously haunted” places in our JC, and doubly so because right behind it is a forested area.

Nikki and I were going at it when she suddenly stopped.

“I think someone’s watching us.”

I immediately looked around to see if there was anyone. Not a single soul was in sight. That being said, it did feel like something was menacingly gazing at us. Still, I was extremely horny by then. As such, I ignored the bad vibes and continued making out with Nikki.

It happened instantaneously.

I felt a sharp kick to my side and dropped to my knees. No one was around us.

Nikki then screamed.

“Something’s pulling my hair!”

I mustered my strength, stood up, and shielded my girlfriend from whatever invisible force was attacking us. We couldn’t see anything.

My gut told me to look at the forested area, and I immediately regretted it. Sitting on the branch of one of the tallest trees was a huge bird-like creature with human hair. I honestly thought it was a weird avian species until I saw its red human-like eyes. I was too shocked to say anything. My survival instincts told me to just keep cool and slowly walk away.

Unfortunately, Nikki saw the bird spirit too and she screamed bloody murder. I grabbed her and we dashed towards the main camp area. Thankfully, a few of my CCA-mates were still awake.

The organising committee was understandably pissed at us for being so late, but stopped once they saw how bruised up and traumatised we were. Nikki proceeded to tell them everything, including the sexy parts, and they got pissed again.

“Don’t y’all know better than to do that kind of stuff in ‘strong’ areas?”

I couldn’t respond. I was too busy noticing the scratch marks on my leg which were clearly not from Nikki. Damn, this spirit was seriously pissed at us.

Stay safe on your school night walk

Fortunately, Nikki and I got off with a warning. Since then, the drama club stopped having night walks in school and I’ve become a firm believer in the supernatural. Till today, I’m not exactly sure what was the exact spirit that disturbed us that night. Some of my friends claim that it was of the many forms of a pontianak, while others state that it was a tree spirit.

Whatever it is, it taught me that there’s a time and place for everything.

Do you have more school ghost stories? Share them with us below!

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