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Everyone’s Finding A Plus-One For End-Of-Year Parties But Here’s Why I Love Attending Them Alone.

Everyone’s Finding A Plus-One For End-Of-Year Parties But Here’s Why I Love Attending Them Alone.

Going to end-of-year parties alone

Most of our end-of-year parties revolve around togetherness and celebration, which can be difficult when you don’t have anyone to be with. As an ambivert, I prefer to stick with my group of friends. However, because they tend to be with their plus-ones, they may not have time to hang out with me.

Some of my single friends started looking for Christmas dates as early as October. Some even used dating apps to find a date for parties. I’m not one to judge though. I used to be insecure about attending parties alone but after some time, I’ve learnt that flying solo is the best way to enjoy these parties. Here’s why.

I don’t have to keep worrying about someone else

end-of-year parties celebrate

Having a plus-one for a Christmas party is hard work. I’ll need to stress over what to wear to impress him, do my makeup properly, and introduce him to my friends. Even after all that, I would still need to check in on him throughout the party. By going to parties myself, I can skip all the trouble and fully enjoy the festivities.

I’ll be more free to meet new people

There will be people at the party who don’t have a plus-one. As such, I usually approach the safer-looking ones to strike up a conversation. More often than not, I end up finding people that are easy to talk to. Having a plus-one restricts me from making friends, especially those of the opposite gender, as I’ll need to attend to him. By being alone, I can let loose and even join in for spicier games such as Truth Or Dare and beer pong.

I can come early to help

Since I don’t have to meet up with anyone before the party, I’ll have more free time. This allows me to come early to help my friends set up for the party. It makes me feel like I’m contributing, especially during such a festive time. Usually, my host friends will have others helping them which also allows me to befriend them and make new friends. Plus, being part of the prep crew helps divert attention away from the fact that I came alone.

What to do when you’re alone at end-of-year parties

I used to be afraid of looking pathetic by going to a party alone. However, I’ve learnt that I don’t require the approval of others and my happiness is up to me. Now, I enjoy attending such parties alone because I can make even more friends and enjoy them 100%.

Do you have a memorable Christmas party experience? Tell us that story below!

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