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I’m A Medium Who Deals With Hauntings. Here Are 3 Dark Entities That Might Be Hiding In Your House.

I’m A Medium Who Deals With Hauntings. Here Are 3 Dark Entities That Might Be Hiding In Your House.

Dark entities in houses

I previously shared about how home hauntings are a type of possession. Dark entities can take over your house. Most people accept that humans can get possessed but they forget that houses are alive as well. They contain the ‘yang’ energy. A home possession occurs when the ‘yin’ energy overpowers the ‘yang’. 

If you’re new to the concepts of ‘yin and yang’, here’s a quick breakdown:

Yin = Dark
Yang = Light

A house that experiences many spiritual incidents is said to have its ‘yang’ energy compromised. It has excessive ‘yi’n energy for different reasons, making it more ‘attractive’ to entities. It becomes a magnet for many species of entities. When you leave uneaten food out for a few days, it attracts ants, dogs, cats, flies or even other humans depending on the environment. Similarly in the spiritual world, when a home is brimming with ‘yin’ energy, it pulls in entities of all shapes and sizes. Apart from the commonly known ones, here are three dangerous and lesser known entities that might be hiding in your home right now. 

Succubi and incubi

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Incubi are ‘males’ and succubi are ‘females’. They belong to the subset of malevolent nature spirits. In some religions, they’re even represented as demons. Incubi and succubi essentially copulate with humans in their sleep. An incubus sexually preys on female humans while a succubus sexually preys on male humans. For ease, I will just focus on how an incubus goes about doing its collateral damage. 

An incubus will creep into the victim’s dreamscape when they’re asleep and have sex with them in their dreams while representing itself as a pleasurable form. The creepiest part of all of this is that, when this happens, it means that they’re actually physically sitting on top of you.

This explains why some people wake up feeling breathless in the middle of the night. When incubi have sex with you, they’re draining your life force, leaving you more tired. The dreams are always so pleasurable that you get hooked onto sleeping. It’s a malicious and dangerous form of possession or haunting. Once a victim keeps wanting to sleep more, they dream about their lover, ex-lover, or someone they desire, having sex with them. Incubi and succubi are intelligent, and they will appear in your most desired form. 

More sleep equals less sunlight, movement, and a darker house. Subsequently, the ‘yin’ energy in the room and house will grow, and hauntings will increase too. I’ve seen cases where someone has been locked up in their room for weeks and it was a case of a very strong incubi. 

They always manifest as wet dreams and pleasant dreams, not nightmares. This is why most people are unaware that they’re suffering from a haunting.

Spirits hiding in statues of deities

Have you stepped into a pious household but their statue of Guan Yin Ma looks very evil or sinister? You’re not crazy. This is one of the most powerful forms of hauntings where a dark spirit possesses the form of a deity because it is, after all, anthropomorphic.

When this occurs, it is probably because the statues did not go through a process called Kai Guang—a Taoist practice that refers to ‘opening the eyes of the deity’ and inviting the actual God to reside in the statue. In some other religions like Hinduism, the process is a lot more complex and takes many rituals. 

When you own a statue of a deity without undergoing this ritual, it becomes an extremely attractive vessel that allows spirits to take its form.

When a dark entity enters the statue, it makes it home. It’ll then start inviting other malevolent spirits to reside in it. This will cause the house to become filled with more ‘yin’ energy, further exacerbating the haunting.

dark entities statue
Credit: @goteamjosh

When you then place offerings to these deities, you’re not actually praying to a God, you’re instead nourishing a dark spirit. The first question I always ask my clients is if they have any statues at home. Most of the time, their statues haven’t undergone any Kai Guang.

I remember one case where I meditated and astrally travelled to my client’s house in order to check his place. In my vision, I saw that his Guanyin had red eyes and a very dark aura. It was blocking me from looking further into the house, which I found very weird and suspicious. So I physically went down with my spiritual partner. When we arrived, the spirit had disappeared from the statue and was hiding in the toilet instead. This was only because the spirit was weaker than us. Spirits are aware and they can gauge how strong they are, relative to you. 

If they know they are powerful, they will make it a lot more difficult and dangerous for you to even step into their zone. They usually do this by influencing the victim’s judgement or causing accidents. These are commonly depicted in horror movies such as The Conjuring where the priest dies while on his way to exorcise a demon. Admittedly, such powerful entities are quite rare in most hauntings. My client did experience something similar in his dormitory at NTU, and I’ll get him to share his story soon. That case was beyond me.

Tree spirits 

This is usually common in landed properties or residential units that are on the lower floors. Most of us have probably experienced tree spirits, especially if there are trees near the windows. They are not innately evil but they are darker and denser entities. These entities are ‘lawless’ in the sense that they don’t conform nor understand human laws and simply exist.

If they’re more playful by nature, they can cause a ruckus but usually, they do not mean any harm. Tree spirits will usually use your house as a passage to get elsewhere. They don’t have any boundaries. Whenever I identify a haunting as being attributed to tree spirits, I draw up spiritual boundaries so they know they have to find another way around it.

Dark entities develop over time

Most of the time, they’re invisible and only cause damage after feeding off of your energy. You need to identify them when they’re still ‘hidden’ and ‘infantile’. Prevention is always better than cure. 

Has your house been possessed by a being? Tell us your story below! 

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