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I Hate Secret Santa. Here Are My Top Emergency Gifts When I Can’t Escape It.

I Hate Secret Santa. Here Are My Top Emergency Gifts When I Can’t Escape It.

Gifts to buy if you hate Secret Santa

I hate Secret Santa. Unfortunately, the rest of my friends don’t. I’m not a good gift-giver and I hate buying gifts. There are so many considerations. “Will they use this?”, “Will they like this?” and so forth. Furthermore, I did not grow up celebrating Christmas, so I’m really out of my element whenever Christmas gatherings come around.

As such, I often forget about the holidays and need to resort to buying emergency gifts for Secret Santa. Sure, I suck but at least I’m a team player. Here are the W presents to buy if you can’t escape Secret Santa or just simply forgot about it.

Gift Cards

Credit: @na_nakana___ka

Sorry sis, I don’t have the time to look for that “concealer with a honey-tan shade”. So, please. Just take my gift card and buy whatever you want. 

It’s simple. Get a Uniqlo or H&M gift card if they’re a guy. After all, men are pretty low-maintenance. For the ladies, a Sephora gift card will be their stairway to heaven. 

This formula has worked wonders for me as I only have to head to the counter. However, there are times when I’m feeling extra lazy. That’s when I just get digital gift cards from apps such as ShopBack and CapitaStar. 

But please, don’t be stingy about it. I usually get a $50 gift card at the very least.

Advent Calendars

hate secret santa gift
Credit: @ambernicholeryan

These are definitely on the pricier side but they’re absolute show-stoppers. Instead of a single gift, your friends will be getting 24 mini presents! Sure, the timing might be a lil’ off if you’re giving advent calendars in the middle of December. But you can also think of them as an early New Year’s or CNY gift. The best part is, they come in many forms including skincare, tea, toys, games, and even alcohol! I see this as an easy win-win scenario. 


Credit: @home_by_toni

Honestly, these are some of the worst gifts to receive. That being said, they are also the easiest to find!

You can buy mugs anywhere, from malls to cafes. Places like Starbucks even have cute holiday selections. So if you’re in my Secret Santa circle, chances are you’ll be receiving a mug, albeit a cute and sturdy one. 

If you’re giving me a mug, please don’t let it be an ugly one. I have enough of those sitting on my shelves as paperweights.

Guide to gifting if you hate Secret Santa

Gifting does not have to be difficult. Even if you’re busy, there are always options to get. This holiday season, no matter our feelings on Secret Santa, the nice thing to do is to not show up empty-handed.

What are your favourite Christmas presents? Tell us below!

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