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Spotify Wrapped Break-Up Signs: If They Have These Artists In Their Top 3, You Might Be Single Soon.

Spotify Wrapped Break-Up Signs: If They Have These Artists In Their Top 3, You Might Be Single Soon.

Spotify Wrapped break-up

Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here and so is Christmas season and break-up season. The end of every year is a real test for most relationships and I have my theory why. But more on that next week. Let’s focus on tell-tale break-up signs, based on who your partner has been religiously listening to for the majority of the year. For many of us, music is an escape that allows us to vicariously experience our inner most desires. We can temporarily delve into another world without any real-life consequences. 

It’s also why so many people curate couple playlists and hold onto them long after their break-ups: it helps them revisit and relive long gone memories. The human condition is complex but the way in which we express our innermost emotions always betrays us. Music is one of the most universal ways we use to express and communicate our feelings. 

Most relationships fail because of the following:

  • A new love interest
  • Still hung up over their ex
  • Just different mindsets

If your partner has any of these thoughts, I’m 90% sure one of the following three artists will appear on their “Top Artists” list for Spotify Wrapped. I’m not saying it’s a definitive sign but it’s a good indication. 

Olivia Rodrigo

Credit: @oliviadrodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo showing up is a no-brainer; 10/10 they’re definitely not over their ex and you’re probably just a rebound or a temporary source of comfort. Olivia Rodrigo took the world by storm when she dropped her debut single ‘Driver’s License’. 

Forget it being a Gen Z, still-not-over-your-ex-album. I’m a 26-year-old millennial, and the song made it to my Top 10. It’s just one of the rare songs of 2022 where you genuinely feel the conviction and fragility of heartbreak. The iconic bridge hits like a sledgehammer as you wail it out loud. As much as her album’s about heartbreak, I think it is way more representative of teenage love. So if your partner has been religiously belting out to her songs, I’m quite sure they’re still reminiscing and missing their first flame. Or they miss ‘the one that got away’, and sadly that’s not you.

Lana Del Rey

Credit: @lanadelreybr

This one is a little tricky but Lana came in my Top 2 so let me break it down for you. It all really depends on how far into the relationship stage you guys are in. If you’re just dating and it’s been about three months, good luck. But if you’ve been attached for awhile now, you still have got a shot at this. Most Lana fans have tons of repressed and residual feelings they’ve yet to unpack. However, Lana’s songs don’t encourage you to take action or overcome these feelings. Instead, they’re primed to suck you in and drown in emotions.

Listening to her is like being swallowed by a blackhole; you get trapped in this bubble of sadness and euphoria but it feels so comfortable and addictive. So what this means is that your partner probably has a lot of buried emotions that might unexpectedly break the surface. You need to find healthy ways and give them safe spaces to vent or rant.

If they’ve been listening to Lana Del Rey and they’ve been oddly calm or normal, then you’re going to be in trouble soon. Break-ups don’t even scare us; we’ve been through enough sh*t so if we flip the switch, there’s no turning back. Admittedly, we do romanticise the deep sadness that comes with break-ups sometimes. 


break-up adele
Credit: @adele

Adele’s comeback album was a celebration of her divorce and singlehood. She came back with killer looks, unmatched confidence, and sass. If your partner has been listening to a lot of Adele in 2022, I’ve got good and bad news for you.The good part is, that your breakup is probably not going to be dramatic or messy. It’s gonna be pretty straightforward and coming from a place of maturity. The bad news about well thought out and calm breakups, however, is that you’ll probably never get a second chance at the relationship. 

2022 Adele is a stark contrast to the young, sorrowful Adele that belted out ‘Someone Like You’. She’s independent, objective, and set on growing with her heartbreak rather than letting it consume her. 

December is break-up season

Everyone is scrambling to wrap the year up emotionally, and hence everyone is either impulsive or feeling very resolute. We’re more inclined to make permanent decisions because the notion of closing the year provides us with a sense of security. At the same time, we don’t feel like we’re carrying baggage into the new year. So if your relationship has been on the rocks, be prepared. You might get dropped soon. If your partner is not a very expressive person, more often than not, the music they choose to play and share is a good indication of where their feelings lie.

Do you know any other telltale signs of a break-up? Tell us your story below!

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