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I Did Hoodoo On My New Boss Because She Made Workplace A Painful Nightmare.

I Did Hoodoo On My New Boss Because She Made Workplace A Painful Nightmare.

I was transferred to another department after a mass firing. That’s when I met her.

I work in the hotel industry as an admin staff. Life is constantly hectic, and messy, and we’re expected to always put on a smile even if we’re stressed. I just moved to a new hotel group a few months ago and the workload so far has been insane. The management suddenly decided that they had to lay off staff. So I had to take over both sales and business development despite having little experience in BD. Essentially it was a two-person task being condensed into one. At the same time, I was transferred to another department due to downsizing. That’s when I met my new boss from hell.

My new boss: Imagine Miranda from Devil Wears Prada, but a lot less fashionable and capable.

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She has only ever worked at the managerial level so she never knows what’s happening on the ground. Or maybe she just does not care enough for the mental health of the staff under her. She kept demanding unrealistic KPIs and setting impossible targets for us. Naturally, I failed to hit her desired targets. I mean I was carrying the weight of the whole department on my own. It just was not possible without anyone to assist me. So I struggled, despite doing my best. But to her it was simple: I was just not good enough to meet her KPIs.

She shamed and ostracized me for failing to hit her unrealistic KPIs.

So she begin comparing me to her previous employee who was supposedly able to hit all her targets with ease. She belittled me and even excluded me from group lunches and work events. I am not a very sociable person so to have my own colleagues cut away from me, really hurt. I felt alone and isolated.

She would engage in office gossip with everyone else in the office and when I walked by, they’d go back to doing their own stuff. I felt invisible. Thinking about it still traumatizes me. I had no one to turn to and I was sad, upset, and angry all at once. 

I was single. I lost my work friends and my colleagues. And I was the subject of ridicule since I was so ‘incapable’. Despite all these, I stuck through because I was relatively new and it would not look good if I switched jobs again so fast. I tried to unwind more after work and shut out the negativity.

When I found out she tried to sabotaged me to get me fired, I snapped. I wanted my revenge so I decided to do Hoodoo on her.

The final straw was when I found out she tried to sabotage me to get me fired. I was on overseas leave and my manager told me I could bring my laptop back in case I needed to do work. So I brought it back with me. Just when I reached the airport, my boss texted me saying it was against company policies to bring the equipment out of the office. She insisted it was a severe breach of company policy and strong grounds to let me go. She said she would call the police on me if I did not return in back immediately. I was furious and I wanted to break down but in a state of panic, I booked a cab down to drop it off. 

By this point, I felt targeted and I couldn’t stand her bullying anymore. I wanted her to pay the price so I plotted how to get back at her. I found a Hoodoo Practioner through a friend. He said we could hex her such that she gets the retribution she deserves. So I gathered the following articles to pass over to him: 

  • Photo 
  • Employee ID and Details
  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Cigarette Bud with her saliva

She smokes so I stood close by during her smoke break and retrieved her butt after she tossed it in the ashtray.

I had to deal with her torture for about a month but then things started to work in my favour.

I paid $1000 for the hex and I was told it was a ritual to destroy any enemies. I had to deal with her torture for about a month but then things started to work in my favour. For once, it looked like she was in trouble and it made me feel ecstatic. I finally had some power over her. She looked more disheveled and sloppy at work. And then just when I thought it was the start of her demise she got a promotion. I called up the Hoodoo Practitioner and raged. He told me to be calm and let things take its course. 

And then it happened: She was replaced by a new boss. Someone that was a lot better and I enjoyed working under. She was headhunted by a new company but got retrenched within a week. She was deported back to her home country too. I was shocked because it felt so surreal. It could not have been a coincidence. I am thankful she is gone now and I hope whatever hex was placed on her continues to ruin her life. 

Have you ever worked under a boss from hell? How did you cope with it?

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