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I Manipulated My Girlfriend, And I Don’t Regret It At All.

I Manipulated My Girlfriend, And I Don’t Regret It At All.

Why I manipulated my partner in my previous relationship

Relax, despite this article’s title, I assure you there’s a moral to this story. So, can manipulation ever be a good thing? Depends on the context. Manipulated your partner into doing harmful things for your own benefit? That’s bad, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Manipulated your partner into doing a harmless thing that she was on the fence about for your benefit AND hers? Go for it.

This is a story of how I manipulated my ex into getting blonde hair, and it remains my magnum opus.

The Backstory

Till today, my ex, E, is one of my closest friends and one of my greatest sources of joy. Why? Because she makes objectively dumb decisions, and I love it when they blow up in her face after she ignores my advice. Once, she asked if she should only bring slip-ons for her Japan trip.

In winter.

Despite me telling her to bring sturdier shoes, she elected to ignore me. And guess what? She ended up falling on the cold, icy ground multiple times. By the time we got together, E had pretty much developed a stubbornness that compelled her to do the opposite of what I said. This brings us to the blonde hair story.

How I Manipulated My Ex

A few months after E and I got together, I started stanning a particular member of a famous K-Pop girl group. She’s infamous for having perpetually blonde hair. I’m not gonna mention who she is ‘cause I don’t fans to drag me on the ground and make my career all gone.

As I continued being a simp for this girl group member, I started noticing a few visual similarities between her and E. They both had long, oval-shaped faces. They were both tall and slender. The only thing different was that E had black hair.

I remembered thinking, “If E dyed her hair blonde, my life would be perfect.”

I still think divine intervention was at play because, on our very next date, E said, “I feel like changing my hair.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. Life had just given me a prime opportunity, and I wasn’t gonna mess it up. Knowing that E was a stubborn girl, I had to make her want to dye her hair blonde.

E was contemplating between getting a short wavy bob and changing her hair colour to a radical one. First things first, I had to make sure she wasn’t gonna cut her hair. And for reals, this was also for her own benefit.

You see, back when we were still normal friends, E cut her hair and she looked horrible. Short hairstyles were extremely unflattering on her. She even went through a brief period of sadness and regret when she realised her hair looked bad.

As such, convincing her to dye her hair instead didn’t take much effort. All I had to do was remind her of her past grief.

Now came the challenging part.

“What colour should I dye my hair?”

I couldn’t let her know upfront I wanted her hair to be blonde. Instead, I had to leverage her pride to make sure that she could infer my interest.

As such, I answered, “Your choice, babe. I think you look good in red, platinum, purple, strawberry, and honey. But it’s your call.”

Notice how 99% of the colours I mentioned are just shades of blonde, with random colours thrown in between?

She now had an inkling of what I liked without me even mentioning it. By “putting” the ball in her court, I got her to think that she was the one making the decisions. But this wasn’t enough.

Escalating The Manipulation

One thing I’ve learnt about E over the years is that she is secretly a people pleaser but is too proud to admit it. She didn’t know that I knew this, which is why it was easy to enact the next stage of my plan: “The Hardcore Simp” facade.

screenshot of my ex being manipulated

Over the next few weeks, I began to aggressively post Instagram Stories about my K-Pop crush whilst taking a really long time to reply to her texts.

Yes, it was a very risky move but I had to make her crave my attention. By pitting her against my K-Pop crush, she had “competition”.

And it worked.

On our next date, she told me “Wow, I didn’t know you loved your idol so much.”

To seal the deal, I replied, “Of course, she’s my queen. Actually, if it wasn’t for your hair, you’d look exactly like her. Speaking of, have you decided when to dye your hair?”

The very next day, E sent me this text.

And thus, I got successfully got my girlfriend to go blonde.

I manipulated my ex and don’t regret it

Well, first things first, E looked stunning as a blonde. My girlfriend went from being a 10/10 to a 100/10, and others felt the same. She was getting tons of compliments from her friends and colleagues, which boosted her self-esteem and made her a confident queen.

Even though we broke up a few months later, we’re still close friends till today. E, if you’re reading this, yes, I totally manipulated your blonde era. You’re welcome.

Do you have interesting memories with your exes? Share them with us below!

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