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I Downloaded Tinder After Being Single For So Long. Here’s How I Fared After Two Weeks.

I Downloaded Tinder After Being Single For So Long. Here’s How I Fared After Two Weeks.

Using Tinder for love and friendships

After a year of being single, I’m finally ready for love or, at least, friendships. Tinder was the first dating app I ever used. So I guess I’m back on it again. But since I’ve been gone, it’s become a place to actually find real love, instead of simply just hook-ups. I personally know a few long-term couples who’ve met through the app, so I’m giving Tinder another shot in the hopes of finding something along the way.

Restarting My Tinder Account

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I haven’t used Tinder for close to two years. Even updating my picture and profile felt like a foreign experience. Since then, there have been a couple of new cool Tinder features like swiping based on common “Passions”. I tried using it at first but I realised, “Why limit myself?” So I cracked my index finger, headed over to the main page, and started swiping through the men. The more, the merrier after all.

Week 1 Of Using Tinder

Well, the good news is I’ve still got it. After being away from the game for so long, I honestly thought I would get zero matches. Thankfully, I managed to score 11 matches after seven days of using Tinder. Not an extremely high number but still, I’m proud of myself!

The bad news is that some Singaporean men are still horny pervs who’ll hit me up with a ‘DTF?” or a “Want something casual?” without so much as a “Hi”.

The worst match I had was this dude who kept pestering me to hop into his car for a “ride” and drink at his home. I was smart enough to know what he meant. Unfortunately for him, I don’t do casual relationships and one-night stands. After a few failed attempts, he finally backed off.

Anyways, I’ve started chatting with some of them; those that seemed “safe”. Thankfully, they’re quite pleasant. Some of them even tried to ask me out, but I’d rather chat with them on Tinder for a little longer before giving them my personal Telegram handle and meeting them in person. I am an introvert, so I prefer to try things online first and get to know someone better before rushing to meet up in a few days.

Week 2 Of Using Tinder

By now, I’ve amassed loads of matches. I’ve even given some of them my Telegram handle to see how things can progress. So far, my matches are decent. Surprisingly, they are men who stay closer to me which is great because I’m done travelling so far for a guy.

Currently, I’m vibing really well with a certain guy. Maybe because we have similar interests. We’ve been talking every day and even on the phone for long periods of time, which is something I’ve never done. We even bumped into each other at the club recently and decided to just club together with his friends. Will it progress? Time will tell.

Getting The Right Matches Online

Even though I have yet to find love, I am grateful for the new friendships I have formed. It’s great to have someone to talk to about your day and vice versa. I hope that things improve and that I will have the opportunity to meet them in the future. Who knows, love may blossom along the way!

Even though the results could be better, I am not giving up because there are a lot of decent guys out there. A few negative experiences with men who just want to have fun and casual sex do not represent the entire population in Singapore.

Have you used Tinder before? How did you find the experience?

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