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The Stress Of CBD Working Life Made Me Discover The Best Spots To Eye-Candy OLs And Salarymen

The Stress Of CBD Working Life Made Me Discover The Best Spots To Eye-Candy OLs And Salarymen

You can look but don’t touch at these CBD food spots

Let’s get this clear. Sexual assault is bad, and we don’t condone it in any shape or form. So don’t use this article as an excuse to stalk and harass innocent people.

Working in the CBD sucks. You’re either crunching an insane amount of numbers at a financial institution or OT-ing till ungodly hours just to chat with your international client for 15 minutes. I should know. I used to be one of those poor folks. To add insult to injury, everything here is so expensive that earning a lot isn’t a flex; you end up spending most of it anyways. My personal respite from all this madness: admiring OL jie jies during lunch hour.

Before anyone starts cancelling me, kindly f**k off. Admiring ≠ invading someone’s personal space by approaching them and persistently asking for their number. It can be as innocent as saying “Wow, they’re hot” when an attractive person walks past you, and going back to reading your menu. And boy, are there a lot of attractive people working in the CBD. 

So to make your working life more bearable, here’s my list of the best CBD food spots to respectfully eye candy all these attractive people, regardless of your gender and sexuality.

Bar On Chulia – For those who love finance bros and sisters

Credit: @rafflesplacesg

Picture your perfect woman. Is she:

  • Strong?
  • Smart?
  • Wearing a chic blazer?
  • Sporting a bun?

If you answered ‘yes’ more than once, stop reading this article and just head to Bar On Chulia ‘cause it’s literally surrounded by financial institutions! 

Back when I was an underpaid part-timer during my uni days, Bar On Chulia was where I’d go to see all these ladies and envision a better future for myself career-wise and relationship-wise. Since that future has been manifested, it’s time to share that knowledge with you.

I’d say the best seats in the house are those facing OCBC Centre, since it’s pretty much a constant revolving door of banking OLs and salarymen looking to destress from work. Whatever you do, just avoid the bar stools outside as your view will be blocked by the nearby statue.

The food here is aite but their Lamb Chop is on a whole different level with its tenderness and juiciness. But honestly, who needs 10/10 food when you have a 100/10 ambience?

67 Chulia Street, Singapore 049515
11am to 11:55pm (Mon-Thurs), 11am to 2am (Fri)
6532 0019

Rollie Olie – For those who love people that love pole dancing 

Credit: @rollieoliesg

As someone who dated a pole dancer, Rollie Olie was my “parking spot” whenever I had to wait for my ex to finish her pole classes. And let’s just say, I enjoyed waiting very much. Located right next to SLAP Studio’s building, this poke joint sees a stream of pole enthusiasts daily. That means sports bras, leggings, and post-workout glows all day, every day—making every seat the best seat in the house.

Once you’ve treated your eyes, you can treat your tummy to Rollie Olie’s Wild About Wasabi poke bowl ($14.95) which comprises salmon, tuna, roe, avocado, and assorted greens.

160 Robinson Road, #01-03, SBF Center, Singapore 068914
8:30am to 7:30pm (Mon-Fri)
8188 1520
Order on GrabFood

Shake Farm – For those who love buff daddies

Credit: @shakefarm

Gals and gays, this one’s for you. I’ve attended my fair share of ClassPass sessions near Telok Ayer, and I can honestly say that this area is a hotbed of gyms with even hotter men. That’s why I never bring my dates here.

But since we’re all friends, here’s my one and only tip: just head to any eatery located near a workout spot after 1pm to catch a glimpse of these buff, sweaty daddies. 

That being said, according to my gay bro, Shake Farm is your best bet to spot these hunks as it’s one of the few places in the area that actually sells healthy food. If you’re dying to stuff meat in your mouth, get the Beef Bros protein bowl ($16) that’s packed with rib eye steak and beetroot hummus.

50 Robinson Road, Singapore 068882
11am to 10pm daily
9187 4407
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Botany – For those who love expats


Look, we’ve all been there. Some days, the heart just craves for something international. On those days, Robertson Quay—aka ground zero for EP holders and expats—is your friend. Every time I’m here, my inner SPG bursts out and I’ll stroll past every bar in the area—hoping to find my green pass giver.

That being said, no matter how long my stroll lasts, I’ll always end up in Botany. Because no matter the time of year and no matter how many ladies reject me, the immaculate food and vibes here will always be there for me.

My go-to dish here is the Uni Truffle Capellini which comprises cold capellini, truffle salsa, uni, sea urchin, and salmon roe. That burst of briny and oceanic flavours is simply divine.

86 Robertson Quay, #01-03, Singapore 238245
9am to 10pm (Mon-Fri), 8:30am to 10pm (Sat-Sun)
6951 4861
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Grids Coffee & Bar – For those who love creatives

CBD Food - Grids
Credit: @gridscoffee

As an editor, I hate attending most PR events. Your boy simply ain’t got the time to socialise after work. However, if you set a PR event at a place with great food, vibes, and people, I’ll switch to an extrovert in a snap. That’s why I love Grids Coffee & Bar! The three-storey shophouse is home to a cafe, bar, and art space which makes it easy for me to get into the food and socialise with strangers. Plus, it’s easier for me to chat up the PR lady when everyone’s relaxed.

I recommend keeping an eye on Grids Coffee & Bar’s social pages for the latest deets on their upcoming exhibitions and networking sessions. Cause I guarantee those events will be teeming with all sorts of creatives from various walks of life. 

Suppose you find your meet-cute and now you’re both looking for a bite, I recommend getting Grids Coffee & Bar’s range of sandos which are made with Japanese milk bread. The Lox-ness ($16) is a safe option with its savoury salmon filling.

200 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058749
9am to 6pm (Sun-Wed), 9am to 12am (Thurs-Sat)
9665 4398
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The best CBD food spots to see OLs and salarymen

And there you have it. Your secret list to making working at the CBD more bearable. Just be sure to behave yourself and please don’t break any laws.

I felt stressed working in the CBD and this is my story. Now tell me yours!

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