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I Easily Attract Spirits. So I Want To Avoid Any Hungry Ghost Latching Onto Me This Month.

I Easily Attract Spirits. So I Want To Avoid Any Hungry Ghost Latching Onto Me This Month.

I’ve always had the natural gift of being attuned to the ‘other realm’.

I dislike the hungry ghost month. When I was a kid, I’d get terrible nightmares where I’d wake up sweating, with my whole room looking like it was filled with weird creatures. At one point I even had to tear down posters from my wall because they would come alive at night.

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As I eased into my teenage years, these occurrences faded. At the same time, my other senses heightened. I was able to hear and feel ‘things’. During certain periods, I get a lot more intense and dark dreams too. When they happen, I almost feel like my soul is temporary transported into another world and I wake up with a hangover-like feeling. My senses flare up especially during passings of people I know, funerals or when I’m near spiritually ‘charged’ locations. This is why every time the Hungry Ghost Festival starts, I take extra steps to stay clear. In Singapore, the festival started yesterday.

If you believe in its practices, then you’d know that that also means the gates of hell are open.

In some sense you could say, that the lines between our world and the other worlds are blurred during this period. Portals are bigger and stay open for longer. This is a two way street. They don’t just magically open. When so many people burn their offerings, and say their prayers, that collective conviction and energy is enough to call things to appear. 

Hence during this month, it is no surprise that wandering entities are just floating around. Last night, I refused to step out of the house after nightfall. I just did not feel comfortable. I was casually saying a prayer to my deity last night and my housemate, a Chinese medium said that he could see things curiously prying from outside my room window. He said my high yin energy was the cause and that I should avoid doing any sort of deep prayer or meditation for now. For context, I do get very spiritually entranced when I pray so it was no advisable for me to get into that vulnerable state or my body could become a vessel for something unwanted.

I am keeping the lights on at night.

I usually switch all my lights off because it’s just more cost efficient. However, during this period I keep at least my kitchen light on. If you’re not familiar with chinese culture, here’s a run down on the yin and yang balance:

Yin = Dark
Yang = Light

A house that experiences many spiritual encounters is said to have its yang energy compromised. It has excessive yin energy for different reasons, making it more ‘attractive’ to entities. Visualise a room that has its curtain closed everyday without any sunlight. Now imagine being locked up in a house with no windows. During this month, a lot of spirits wander around, increasing yin energy. Having your lights on and sunlight in the day will help balance it with yang energy.

I am not staying out late at bars or clubs.

When you’re on substances, it lowers your consciousness, allowing your body to become a more attractive conduit. This is why in many ancient cultures, shamans used substances to alter their state and attain a spiritual ‘high’. Staying out late with an inhibited state of mind would probably result in curious entities latching onto me. So I’m spending all my nights sober and in the comfort of my home this whole month.

The last thing you want to do this month, is to invite things to follow you back home

When we engage in certain activities, we become a lot more visible and attractive to these entities. It’s like spraying blood on yourself in the middle of the ocean and calling sharks to swim towards you. Here’s how most people end up having entities ‘follow’ them home:

  • Commenting on dead people
  • Calling and challenging spirits 

Even if you’re not a believer, it pays to be wiser this month. If you happen to do so, it’s always good to just pay your respects and leave after. Stay tuned next week for my guide on the types of entities that you might encounter during the hungry ghost month.

Have you ever had a spooky hungry ghost festival encounter? Share your story below!

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