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Life With A Black Tongue — Bad Luck, Accidents & Death.

Life With A Black Tongue — Bad Luck, Accidents & Death.

She also told me folk stories of how people like me were feared in her village

I remember the first time someone pointed out the ‘oddness’ of my tongue to me. I was just a child. Back then my parents hired maids to look after us because they were really busy. One of them looked at me and said, “you have a black tongue. Where I come from, they say whatever people like you say, would come true”. She also told me folk stories of how people like me were feared in her village.

I recall running to the mirror and checking my tongue out. I had black burn-like dots peppered all over the front of it. Weirdly enough it was something I had never noticed up till then. I was just 9 so this was something I sat on for a long time. The supernatural was something I was very superficially introduced to. I knew of ghosts or spirits from shows online but nothing more complex. 


Over the years the dots on my tongue just disappeared but the words I say have brought back the chilling reminder my maid told me. It was a repressed memory but the first incident brought it back. Last year, I casually joked that my friend’s air conditioner would break down. For context, my hall dormitary had no A/C and the weather was exceptionally humid so he kept taunting me about it. The weird thing, the next day his aircon broke down. He was pissed and he kept saying I willed it to happen. Of course at this point, we both saw it as a mere coincidence and laughed it off.

These things started to occur increasingly and my spiritual friend warned me to be mindful

I had sprained my shoulder to the point that I could not get out of bed without wincing in pain. I rushed down to a sports therapist to sooth the muscles. At this point I had to skip a lot of my clique meetups and one of my friends poked fun at my situation lightly. I jokingly smirked — “I hope you break your back bitch!”. It wasn’t even out of anger. He sprained his back in the same week. Weirdly enough he is a dancer and it was the first time he got injured during training. 

Being spiritual himself, he said that I needed to be more mindful and it was not a laughing matter if the things I say, happened to come true.

I kept it in mind but asking me to be mindful of everything that I say was just a tall task.

Then something happened that drastically changed it all for me

I found out that two of my friends were hanging out to spite me. One of them was someone I had distanced from because of their reckless choices in life. The other one was a narcissist so I had cut her off. Out of a sudden I saw both of them being all mushy on their Instagram Stories. I knew it was a weird flex and it threw me off. So I took a screenshot, reposted it on my CFL (close friends list) and said ‘I wish nothing but the worst for both of you and I hope you rot forever’. Nothing could have prepared me for what would transpire next.

Within a week, I got news that one of them had got into a fatal accident

When I found out I got chills. They put themselves in a place of danger but I could not help feeling the weight of guilt. A month after this, the other person was diagnosed with degenerative disorder.  Looking back, a lot of these things back to back was just too coincidental for me to simply brush it off. On hindsight, I have had a sort of natural affinity towards ‘darker stuff’. I can’t see entities but I’ve always had the unfortunate ‘gift’ of feeling them and attracting them. Now I always think twice before I lash out. Especially when I’m angry.  The small things I say, manifest too. And most if not all of the time, they’re bad things.

Are you ‘gifted’? Are you able to live a normal life?

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