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Why I Love Mahjong Even Though I’m Indian.

Why I Love Mahjong Even Though I’m Indian.


Playing Mahjong as a Non-Chinese person

I am an Indian man who’s been playing mahjong for about 8 years since I was in polytechnic. I remember seeing my friends playing, and it seemed quite challenging. I enjoy games that stimulate the brain so I was eager to learn how to play mahjong.

As a non-Chinese person, I obviously found it hard to learn how to play mahjong as I couldn’t read the characters. I started by watching how others played and listening to my friend as he explained how to arrange the best starting tiles.

I gradually began to play it by myself. It took me a few sessions to master mahjong because there are so many different ways to win. I was initially perplexed because I couldn’t recognise the Chinese characters on the tiles, especially the ‘wind’ tiles. As I played more, this stopped being a problem and eventually, mahjong became second nature to me.

Even now, I’m learning new things because each house has its own set of rules. I love how people are very impressed by me knowing how to play mahjong which honestly makes me feel good.

Lessons from Mahjong

Mahjong is really interesting to me. Aside from having to use my brain at 200% capacity, it also allows me to spend time with my friends. Most of my friends can play mahjong which makes it easier to play with them, especially when we’re all so busy as adults. Plus, we get to destress and have fun.

Mahjong family

I also learnt that different families play mahjong in different ways. There are several variations, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, and even American playing styles which are all interesting and exciting.

I think mahjong is a great way for families to bond as it allows members to just talk about life as they’re working their brains. Look how well it turned out for Rachel in Crazy Rich Asians!

Playing Mahjong when you’re not Chinese

Fact is, mahjong isn’t just for Chinese people. Admittedly, it’ll take some effort to master it but once you’ve gotten the hang of mahjong, it can be as easy as poker!

Despite being Indian, I absolutely adore Mahjong. What about you, are you huge on Mahjong? Share your story with us!

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