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I love being thrifty and this is my list of cheap steamboat food for parties!

I love being thrifty and this is my list of cheap steamboat food for parties!

cheap steamboat food

Cheap food under $5 for your potluck steamboat party

It’s almost time for the annual reunion dinner! Most of us will be attending potluck steamboat parties which I love because they’re ridiculously cheap and everyone gets to bring what they like. Plus, I’m a cheapskate.

After years of planning such potluck dinners, here’s my go-to list of cheap steamboat food items that cost less than $5!

Koka Ezy Cook Plain Noodles

cheap steamboat food
Credits: Koka Noodles

As someone who prefers noodles over rice, I personally love having Maggi Mee in my steamboat. However, for those who don’t want to waste their Maggi seasoning, I recommend getting Koka Ezy Cook Plain Noodles as they come with just the noodles and comprise five servings.

Price: $1.55

Buy it here

Pasar Fresh Eggs

cheap steamboat food
Credits: Ageless

I like to add eggs to my broth because it adds creaminess. All you have to do is crack the eggs and pour them in when the broth is boiling. If you’re eating with vegetarians, simply substitute the eggs with tofu.

Price: $3

Buy it here

FairPrice Frozen Chicken Franks

cheap steamboat food
Credits: AsiaOne

Hot dogs are a staple for steamboats. They’re super cheap and filling. I love these ones as they’re halal-certified for my Muslim guests and come in packs of 10, which is a lot! Be sure to buy more as hot dogs tend to be depleted quickly during steamboat parties.

Price: $1.45

Buy it here

Maling Premium Luncheon Meat

cheap steamboat food
Credits: Fairprice

Luncheon meat is another common ingredient in the steamboats I’ve eaten. My parents usually get this brand as it goes well with all kinds of broth. Plus, it’s reasonably priced too.

Price: $2.95

Buy it here

Pokka Tea

cheap steamboat food
Credits: The Smart Local

I’ve been a big fan of Pokka Green Tea ever since I was in primary school as it’s so refreshing. Pokka tea also tends to be on promo 90% of the time which makes it a value-for-money item during potluck dinners.

Price: $4.30 (for two bottles)

Buy it here

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Seasoning

cheap steamboat food
Credits: KL Foodie

I enjoy Hai Di Lao soups, particularly their tomato soup base. If you’re on a budget and want different soup bases, you can buy one packet of HDL tomato seasoning, and make your own separate vegetable broth. This lets you enjoy a yin and yang hot pot at a reasonable price.

Price: $3.80 per packet

Buy it here

Mr Joy’s Steamboat Fish Dumpling With Shrimp

cheap steamboat food
Credits: Mr Joy

Since fish is costly, a cheaper alternative is fish and shrimp dumplings. You can still get your seafood fix without shelling out so much money.

Price: $3.50

Get it here

BoBo Frozen Chicken Cheese Meat Ball

cheap steamboat food
Credits: BoBo Fishball

Because the meatballs are filled with cheese, children love eating these balls during steamboat parties. Once, my friend poked a meatball and hot cheese spurted on his skin, scalding him. So be cautious!

Price: $4.30

Buy it here

Save money during your next potluck steamboat party

I hope that these food options helped you to save money while having a great steamboat party with your family and friends. A good steamboat does not need expensive ingredients; it’s more about bonding with your loved ones.

How do you spend time with your loved ones during Chinese New Year? Tell us below or share your story with us!

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