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I Just Caught My Friends Cheating During Our Overseas Trip. What Should I Do?

I Just Caught My Friends Cheating During Our Overseas Trip. What Should I Do?

What to do if I caught my friends cheating?

After years of being stuck in Singapore due to the pandemic, I could finally travel overseas this year. With border restrictions returning to pre-COVID levels, my friends and I decided to finally enact our plan of visiting South Korea. It was supposed to be a fun trip. However, I’ve returned harbouring a secret that’s been keeping me up all night. During our trip, I caught three of my friends cheating.

My clique comprises five girls, including myself. I’m closer to one of them, C, as we both share the same values and have the same personality. The other three girls are nice, of course, but they were a lot more outgoing than us. Naturally, those three girls were the ones who had boyfriends.

To save money during our trip, the five of us decided to stay in a hostel as opposed to an Airbnb apartment or a hotel. Surprisingly, the facilities in that hostel were great. It had a spacious lounge area and a nice swimming pool. It even had a scenic view of Han River.

We loved it. We thought we had found everything to like about the place, until we saw T and his friends in the hostel’s game room. Hailing from Australia, T and his friends were buff, hot men in their mid-twenties. They were in South Korea as part of their graduation trip. My friends were smitten.

NGL, I thought T was attractive too but as someone who recently broke up, I wasn’t ready for a fling just yet. And C, being the introvert she was, was too shy to approach any of them despite clearly thinking they were hot.

friends cheating clique

This meant my remaining three friends did the heavy lifting and took the initiative to chat with them. At first, I just thought it was them being their outgoing selves. Surprisingly, all of us got along well. As the days passed, we started going out for drinks and we even taught them how to play mahjong.

The day I saw my friends cheating

Credit: @aesthetic_ahn

Slowly, I began to notice each of my three friends pairing up with a member of T’s clique. They started doing suspicious things like holding each other’s hands and resting on the shoulders of the men. Aren’t y’all attached?

But the worst had yet to come. One night after washing up, C and I were in the laundry room when we heard moans coming from outside. Curious, we went out, and saw T making out with one of our friends at the stairwell. Thankfully, we hurried back into the laundry room before they had a chance to notice us.

C and I were shocked. We both knew her boyfriend. He was a caring and considerate man who did not deserve any of this.

“What do we do now?”

I couldn’t answer C. I’m afraid of confrontation, and I did not want to damage our friendship. Plus, I couldn’t bear being the one to break the bad news to my friends’ boyfriends.

Dealing with cheating friends

It’s been weeks since we returned from South Korea. Till today, C and I have not told a single soul about what happened there. I feel guilty keeping this secret because it feels like I’m condoning their actions. But what choice do I have? Destroying one relationship is hard enough, but destroying three at one go? That’s practically insane.

I guess the reason I sent this story was so that I could have an outlet to release my grief and to also seek advice on what I should do next.

Have you ever faced a life-changing dilemma? Share that story with us and we might just feature it here!

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